Chinese Zodiac Marriage Combinations

Is your beloved/lover your ideal match? The sun is the planet that zodiac apprentice are most fascinated with. Chinese zodiac would help you determine the best match for your life with whom you would be most compatible living with. Many people like to foresee what the future beholds for them. Let's explore why.
| Tuesday, February 10, 2009
As per the age old prodigy, long time ago Monarch of Heavens, while rejoicing during his birthday, had invited all the animals for a dinner. As the party continued, the King asked all the animals in attendance to take part in a race for entertainment. The King said that he would allocate each animal a place on the pathway to Heaven, according to the position they got at the race. The grand prize would be that the champion would have its name allocated to the Chinese calendar and there could be just 12 winners.

All animals who heard about the grand award wanted in their hearts to attain an eternal place in the Chinese calendar. Looking forward to the race the next day morning, two close friends, the rat and the cat determined to begin the race together before anyone else could. The morning of the race conversely, the rat broke its pledge and went off without waking up the cat.

The rat then came to a river and since it would have taken a long time to cross it, it wickedly dodged the ox into hauling it across with flattery and kind words. As soon as the ox reached land, the mouse hopped off its back and ran rapidly to the palace of the King where he was affirmed the first victor of the race.

The ox came next followed by the tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog and the pig and the rat became the first of the Chinese calendar. The cat was unsuccessful in making it as it dozed on waiting for the mouse. Ever since that episode, the cat would jump on a mouse whenever it would see it.

The Chinese zodiac marriage combinations can be very precise at times in unfolding the compatibility aspect between you and your other half. Inquisitive? Give it a try yourself!

Chinese Zodiac Compatibility Chart

Given below is a table based on the olden distribution of compatibility which is split into four separate categories. You'll observe some groups have only one match while others may have numerous matches for a lone category. While this technique is more complicated to memorize or learn by heart, it leans to be more precise and takes into relation that all things are not always equivalent in the human equation.
Animal Characterisitics Perfect Match
Fine Match
Complex Match
Bad Match
RAT No enduring friendships, strong-minded, striving Rat, Ox, Pig Dragon, Monkey, Tiger Snake, Ram, Rooster Rabbit, Horse, Dog
OX Loner, motivation to others, fantastic parent Monkey, Snake, Rat Ox, Rooster, Rabbit Dragon, Ram, Dog, Pig Tiger, Horse
TIGER Valiant, forceful yet compassionate Horse, Dog, Pig Rat Tiger, Dragon, Snake, Rooster Rabbit, Ram, Monkey, Ox
RABBIT Fortunate and rather introverted by affectionate Dragon, Pig, Ram Rabbit, Snake, Ox, Dog, Monkey Horse, Rooster Rat, Tiger
DRAGON Hearty and zealous about life Snake, Ram, Monkey, Rabbit Pig, Rooster, Rat Horse, Dog, Ox, Tiger Dragon
SNAKE Go-getter, sociable, peaceful Rooster, Dragon, Ox Rabbit Snake, Tiger, Horse, Ram, Monkey, Rat Dog, Pig
HORSE Target-oriented, envision all sides, witty Ram, Dog, Tiger Dragon Horse, Rooster, Pig, Rabbit, Snake Monkey, Rat, Ox
RAM Domestic at heart, sociable, imaginative Rabbit, Pig, Dragon, Horse Monkey Ram, Rat, Ox, Snake Rooster, Dog, Tiger
MONKEY inquisitive, good-humored, prankster Dragon, Ox Monkey, Rat, Rabbit, Ram Rooster, Dog, Pig, Snake Tiger, Horse
ROOSTER Takes multi-tasks, determined, hopeful Pig, Snake Ox, Dragon Dog, Rat, Tiger, Rabbit, Horse, Monkey Rooster, Ram
DOG Faithful, truthful, head Pig, Tiger Horse Rabbit Dog, Ox, Dragon, Monkey, Rooster Rat, Snake, Ram
PIG Schemer, leader, family-leaning Pig, Rat, Ram, Rabbit, Tiger, Rooster, Dog Dragon Ox, Horse, Monkey Snake

Pig - The Most Compatible Sign

You'll observe that out of all of the signs, the Pig sign seems to be well-matched with most signs. The reason behind this is that Pig is a very generous sign. The pig sign resembles faithfulness and is very tolerant of others and life in general, making the person born under this signifies someone who can effortlessly get along with most people. There is no feeling of envy or competition in the pig and the ego doesn't affect a pig's heart either. This deficiency of forcefulness on the other hand can turn the pig into a rug if matched with the wrong sign. There's also a propensity to being rather inexperienced and defenseless to those who would take benefit of the pig's good nature.


Many people consider Chinese zodiac marriage combinations as a channel for seeking the perfect match for them or to forecast the prospect of the affiliation. While some see at these horoscopes for enjoyment and leisure. Irrespective of why you want to know what the Chinese zodiac marriage combinations have foreseen for you and your spouse, you will get pleasure from learning about the fable that stirred this zodiac.