What Does Your Name Say About You?

Have you ever tried to discover what your name actually means or what it says about you? Well there are a number of reasons of why you were named so. Try and get into the depth of learning more about your name and it will simply amaze you.
| Friday, December 10, 2010
Name certainly has a strong control over one’s life, may it be the first name, middle name, surname or even the maiden name. It is basically our identity that represents us everywhere. All sorts of formal and informal matters have the presence of our name.

Meaning of Your Name

Every name has a meaning. There are various reasons behind naming a new born. Common ones like inheritance of an ancestral name, based on a common initial letter in the family, based on numerology or based on the horoscope. There are renowned experts in the field of astrology and numerology who guide in framing a suitable name.

Let us discover the meaning of a popular name 'Sarah'. 'Sarah' means a princess. The original name was believed to be 'Sarai'. In the modern times 'Sarah' has versions like Saira, Salley, Sarika, Sarina, Sarine, Sarita, Zahra, Zarita and a lot more similar names with a little alphabetical differences.

Just like the quoted example try searching for the origin of your name and you will come across loads of information associated with your name that you might have never imagined.

What Does Your Name Say About One's Personality?

A name is believed to influence ones personality and destiny. The numerology behind a name talks about the behavioral traits of a person and how the environment affects his or her life. The name also suggests the effect of things like colors, gems or even days and dates on the person’s lifestyle. The science behind numerology is becoming popular among the masses day by day. Numerology simply gives one, knowledge about how his or her current name is influencing the personality and the destiny. Experts in numerology also suggest the essential changes in the alphabets of the name for ones betterment.

Meaning of Your Last Name or Family Name or Surname

A surname is a title or an identity inherited from one's ancestors. Generally surnames mean the following: the place from which one originates, profession in the past which has been percolating down the line from generations, the caste, the race or the religion of the person. Surnames can throw light on many unknown facts about a person’s ancestral history. Here are some examples:

Addison / Adamson (suggests that the person is the son of Adam), Long (describing one’s personality of being tall and leggy), Seaman (derived from the occupation of a sailor). The list of reasons for one’ surname origin is endless.

What Country Does Your Surname Come From?

Thanks to the immense research work done in the field of 'names and surnames', one can even trace his or her country of origin. There are websites with a huge database and what one is expected to do is just type the name and click on the ‘search’ button. Let’s make it easier to understand with an example of the surname 'Smith'. The surname is said to have emerged from the professions like blacksmith, goldsmith, silversmith, etc. some centuries back. The country of origin is guessed to be Scotland.

The information and examples mentioned above must have definitely triggered an interest within you to learn about your name. Beware not to fall prey to fraud sites that might mislead. If you are serious about going for a change of name, it is advisable to take guidance of a renowned expert.

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