The Jenny Craig Diet

You have tried dieting on multiple occasions but have always managed to regain the lost weight. You are really tired and don't think dieting is for you. Read on to learn about a more balanced dieting option called the Jenny Craig diet plan.
| Thursday, October 02, 2008

Every few weeks a new diet program is launched that promises quick results and easy solutions. Many people are fooled into looking at these diet programs as some sort of magical wands that will help them in reducing and keeping away those pounds. There are very few diet programs that have managed to successfully stay around for enough time to allow people not only to reduce the weight but also empower them to make healthy lifestyle changes. One such diet program has been around for more than 20 years and continues to provide support, guidance and conclusive results to people in terms of enabling them to reduce the excess weight.

The Jenny Craig diet program is a three pronged plan directed at helping people to identify the weight they need to loose, help them not only loose the excess weight but also keep it off. The first part of the program helps individuals by stressing the importance of eating the food in small but frequent portions. At the second stage the importance of activity and simple activity in particular to increase energy levels of people is taught. These two steps are successful in reducing the targeted weight and the third stage empowers people with tools to bring more balance in their lives so that they can maintain the weight loss and continue incorporating a healthy diet.

The stand out feature of the Jenny Craig diet plan is the fact that guidance is provided on individual basis taking into consideration the needs of each person. Unlike other diet programs there is no ‘blanket one plan for all’ approach in this program. Also a great deal of support is provided in this diet plan since continuous support and follow up is crucial with any person who plans to reduce weight. As support they have people available 24/7 through their telephone lines that allow individuals to get information, emotional support or to get their issues and problems clarified.

The Jenny Craig diet program is built around its physical centers with as many as 645 centers in countries like the U.S, Australia, Canada, Puerto Rico and New Zealand. It also has an at home facility where information is provided through mail or telephone. The support staff is trained with professionals having experience in nutrition and medicine. The cornerstone of the Jenny Craig diet is that it offers pre-packaged meals in the form of frozen breakfast, lunch and dinner packets and even dessert. These packaged products comply with the nutrition federal guidelines and contain around 50 to 60% carbohydrates, 20 to 25% fat and around 20 to 25% proteins.

Individuals are encouraged to also consume fresh fruits and certain other items such as vegetables, low fat dairy items, whole grains etc. These pre-packaged food items allow people to get used to the healthy eating habits as per the diet requirements of each individual and eventually in the second and third stage people are weaned off these prepared food items once they have understood and implemented these healthy eating patterns. In the latter stages individuals are trained to recognize required food portion sizes and are also taught how to prepare food that is complimentary to their diets needs. This diet program does not believe in banning any food item and is therefore rather balanced in its approach. Instead food items are evaluated and the unhealthy options are replaced with healthy options or then limited in their consumption.

Based on each individual’s weight and height details along with his goals with respect to weight loss, a program is developed by the people at Jenny Craig. Again the idea is to eventually allow people to empower themselves in making healthy food choices and adopting a better lifestyle. So unlike other diet plans the possibility of putting on the lost weight and even more is less with Jenny Craig's diet since long term requirements are taken into consideration when individual programs are developed. Since this program also stresses on being physically active it helps people pay attention to enjoying a balanced lifestyle. The support offered in this program is crucial and is provided on a continuous basis and helps individuals adopt a positive outlook and also be motivated.

The only problem with the Jenny Craig diet plan is that not all people would be able to take benefit since it can be rather expensive with the cost of pre-packaged meals and the extensive support offered in this program. Also continuing with small portion eating in real eating patterns might be difficult once the pre packaged meals are stopped. The flexibility and convenience of having pre-packaged foods and an individualized diet plan can be a strong motivating force in adopting this healthy diet program. Dieting should after all empower people to make healthy choices and not be some random activity implemented once every few years.