Social Networking Safety Tips

With the advent of social networking, we can now communicate and share our lives with family and friends no matter how far they are. However, in pursuit of these irresistible advantages comes up many social networking safety and privacy issues. Let us try to explore it further.
| Wednesday, November 10, 2010
The vastness of the Internet is growing more than ever. More people are getting connected to the web and the digital world is like never before. People are socializing more on the Internet than they do it offline. Websites such as MySpace, Twitter, Orkut, Facebook and the likes have made an entirely different world on its own. The fun is unlimited on this super express path; socializing on the Internet has enabled us to seek exciting career opportunities, improve businesses, connect to new people accross the globe and heck it is even helping people to get married. But with this speed, do we often neglect our basic human instincts of self-protection? Internet is vast, the depth of it would be difficult to explain by words - there are millions of people online every second that ticks. With this comes the basic aspects of Internet safety and privacy. Our personal data is like an open-book on these social networking sites which can be very wrongly misused unless we take additional steps to curb it. Following are some quick social networking tips that shall help you get started.

Web Socializing Safety Tips

  1. Make use of the privacy features offered to you by social networking portals. Most popular portals such as orkut and facebook have in-depth options to protect your privacy and keep your profile safe from un-wanted eyes.
  2. Uploading photos on the Internet can be dangerous and may even get you into serious problems. If you cannot resist uploading, just be careful with what you upload and who you allow access for it. One of the problems with making photos accessible to anyone is that your photos may be morphed and put on unwanted sites.
  3. Just be brief about the information you share. Most people put their profiles with truck load of information about them, their family and friends. With improper privacy settings - this information can cause you problems such as that with your career, data misuse or your life as a whole.
  4. Don't add unknown people as your friends. Remember, most privacy settings are useless when you add unknown people to your friend list. These people can then have access to your personal information, birthdays, telephone numbers and photos.
  5. Ensure that your personal life do not reflect on these portals. For example, do not vent your anger out on facebook about your ex-boss or other professional people. This can cost dearly for your career.
  6. Be respectful towards other people, avoid abusing anyone by his cast, race, culture, color, or social and religious practices.

By ensuring that we follow these safety tips, we can enjoy a safer and enjoyable social networking experience without worrying much. Internet is big and the problems are big but this doesn't mean that we be feared and leave it altogether. What is needed is just a bit of common sense.

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