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You were standing alone and making some tea for yourself when you felt a whisper, a light touch on your hand. You looked around and you were indeed alone. If you have had this spooky experience then maybe you need to read about paranormal events.
| Thursday, September 25, 2008
Do you believe you were abducted by aliens in the summer of 1993 and taken to a far off planet where elaborate experiments were conducted on your body" Are you convinced that the house you are living in is haunted by ghosts" You are not alone in believing in these paranormal phenomena and experiences. Paranormal is a term used to explain a variety of unusual experiences that cannot be otherwise explained scientifically. These paranormal phenomena include haunting, extra sensory perceptions, ghost sightings, UFO sightings among other paranormal activities and events. Not so surprisingly almost 73 percent of Americans believe in various paranormal experiences. There is always a certain amount of fascination surrounding what cannot be scientifically explained and the same has happened with paranormal phenomena and sightings. Stories related to paranormal sightings and experiences have been reported time and again and because of it this belief system has attained a sort of mythical status in our culture. But not many of the purported sightings have been corroborated, largely owing to the fact that mainstream organizations and science have always denied the possibility of paranormal events existing. Even then this belief system has generated a lot of interest particularly in the media. A large number of television serials and movies have been made on these paranormal experiences. Some common paranormal events and aspects include:
  • Unidentified Flying Objects: There have always been reports of UFOs and other strange flying objects sighted by many people and alien abduction stories have also been heard but no hard evidence has ever been found in this respect. 
  • Strange Rains: From time to time there have been reports of unusual rainfalls of beans, fish, insects and other items in many places and research has not been able to completely explain this occurrence. In many of the places that have experienced these instances of strange rains the insects falling have been of one kind and the fish have been of one species. No satisfactory explanation for their occurrence has been obtained in these instances. 
  • The story surrounding the Bermuda triangle has gained massive popularity and is a much debated topic in paranormal field. Other areas where ships and aircrafts have mysteriously disappeared have been reported from time to time. 
  • The sightings of crop circles have also been widely reported and though experts claim that many of them are created by human beings the true crop circles created in the early mornings are of much interest for the researchers. These crop circles created in the early mornings are marked by thick mists and windy conditions and the elaborate designs in these crop circles have flummoxed most people. 
  • Cryptozoology which is the study of hidden animals is also researched by paranormal experts. This is since many sightings of lake monsters, ape men and other animals have been widely reported in different parts of the world. 
  • Haunted houses: A haunted house is one that is considered to be at the center or seat of some supernatural occurrence. Such houses have been reported to contain ghosts, spirits and souls following some tragic events having occurred in that house. At times photographs have also reflected strange lights and orbs that have later been attributed to electromagnetic energies. 
  • Extra sensory perception: Sixth sense as this is otherwise known refers to the ability to gain information without depending on physical senses and includes psychic abilities such as telepathy and clairvoyant abilities as well. D�j� vu is a feeling well experienced by most individuals and science has not always come up with acceptable explanation for these experiences. 
Paranormal phenomena have its groups of supporters as well as those who absolutely refuse to believe in anything that cannot be scientifically explained. The believers are those who are able to see these events as supernatural activities and these individuals particularly believe that not everything in this world can be explained. The believers also include those who feel there is more between heaven and earth that has not been properly explored and completely understood. Believers also often include individuals who might have actually experienced any such event. The skeptics are those people who neither completely disbelieve nor totally believe in these reported events. These individuals would rather prefer to get hard evidence before they commit to supporting any one view on this matter. Cynics are the individuals who seek to apply scientific standards to all areas including paranormal events and thereby find fault in paranormal activities.

The investigation of the paranormal activities and events is done through a field known as parapsychology. Typically a parapsychologist looks for quantitative evidence to a sighting. Some researches seek to involve themselves in the subject of study so as to understand the phenomena. A certain degree of acceptance for paranormal phenomena was gained when the Parasychological association was formed. However in spite of this a large amount of opposition has always been experienced to the findings of the research and the paranormal investigations conducted by these organizations.
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