Meaning of Rose Colors

All flowers are beautiful to watch around and are a pleasant view to the sight. One flower that stands out is the rose! Here is a list of different colored roses with the meaning they symbolize.
| Friday, April 30, 2010
A known quote says, "The rose speaks of love silently, in a language known only to the heart."

The name 'Rose' has been derived from a Latin word 'Rosa'. The rose is popularly described as 'king of flowers', 'symbol of love' etc. There is an incredible beauty conferred upon this spectacular flower! The variety of roses is immense, in fact it is said that there are more than hundred diversities of roses.

Rose, from years, has been the most popular gift to express oneself on any special occasions. The rose has more of sentimental value and conveys silent messages which perhaps words would not convey in a better way.

  • The tradition of welcoming guests at weddings by presenting them a rose is a popular ritual followed by most of the population.
  • The Valentines Day sees the high demand of red roses at the florists every year wherein people who care for their loved ones, pick bundles of red roses to be distributed on this special day.

Meaning of Rose Colors - What do Rose Colors Symbolize?

Red Rose

The red rose is your pick to express your love for someone. The red color itself is a sign of love. Hence the red rose communicates love, passion and desire. The red rose also conveys a message of appreciation, value and affection. The burgundy rose is the most sought among lovers since it signifies simplicity and beauty in a relationship. The burgundy rose is the best gift among couples to present to their loved ones on special occasions.

Pink Rose

Unlike a red rose which is associated with strong emotions, a pink rose represent soft feelings.

  • Light pink rose - This is the lovely 'Baby pink' rose and it in turn signifies cuteness and innocence.
  • Dark / deep pink rose - Charm and elegance are associated with a dark pink rose. They also express thankfulness towards someone.

Lavender Rose

This wonder of the rose family is an enchanter so grab it if you wish to propose your love to someone. Lavender rose is the right choice to present on love at first sight.

Purple Rose

Purple signifies royalty, so does the rose! The majestic purple depicts sense of protection and magnificence.

Yellow Rose

Yellow is the color of friendship and hence the yellow rose is popularly gifted on the 'friendship day' world over to express the message of companionship. Not to be mixed with the emotions of love, yellow rose signifies closeness and alliance.

Orange Rose

Orange, the color of the sun, represents energy. Hence the yellow rose signifies vigor and power.

Peach Rose

The peach rose symbolizes humility, admiration and compassion. It also conveys the message of socialism.

White Rose

Had a fight? Resolve it out with a white rose, the peacemaker. The white rose is a symbol of peace, purity and spirituality. It marks a new beginning in ones life.

Green Rose

Green roses covey the message of a good health and may be presented to someone who is in the recovery stage of an illness.

Black Rose

The black rose marks the end of a bond. It also represents enmity. On positive notes it also symbolizes the end of bad habits.

Blue Rose

The blue rose is mystical and does not exist in the real world. The rose signifies something that is impossible to achieve.

The significance of rose colors does not end here. There is more to it. Rose colors in combinations also have meanings.

Combination of rose colors

  • Red and White - This combination signifies a union like an engagement which would bloom into matrimony.
  • Red and Yellow - This vibrant combination is a call for celebration and rejoicing.
  • Yellow and White - Yellow for friendship and white is for peace and so the union of the two signifies harmony.

The number of roses presented also conveys some message. A rose in full bloom and a rose bud convey a different message. Hence the symbolism list associated with roses is endless so is our love for this wonder.

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