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In love making understanding the needs, desires and fantasies of your partner and fulfilling them is very important. A little bit of change can spice up your love life and this article will help you do just that with some wonderful love making tips and techniques.
| Saturday, December 13, 2008
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A relationship after some time tends to become boring and predictable. Studies have shown that a good love life can actually deepen your relationship with your partner even further. So how do you go about improving your love making techniques? Following are some fabulous love making tips for women and men that will help them to spice up things in the bedroom.

Communication they say is extremely crucial for the success of any relationship. It is equally important in your physical relationships as well. While moaning can make your partner feel like he/she is doing all the right things, actual communication can serve the purpose even better. Make sure you ask your partner what he/she likes. Let your partner know that you care about his/her pleasure and pay particular attention to your partner’s response in bed.

It is important to set the mood and create the atmosphere. This can help you get your partner to respond to your moves. Women in particular appreciate men who take the effort to please them. You can soak in a scented bath together whispering sweet nothings. You can also create a romantic setting with some candle light dinner and music. You can give your partner is sensuous back rub or a massage. Small changes such as dim lighting in the bedroom or scented candles and satin sheets can create the mood. Wear something sexy and it will drive your man wild.

Don’t be a prude in bed. Enjoy each other’s body without embarrassment. Honesty will help you have a wonderful chemistry and spiced up intimacy. Try different positions and let your partner know what turns you on and where you like to be touched. Try and understand your partner’s fantasies and fulfil them.

Element of surprise
Love making tips need not always be elaborate or complicated. Surprises can work wonders with your partner. Walking up to your girl and holding her, nuzzling her neck and telling her how beautiful she looks can have the right effect. Ladies if you try playing footsie with your guy then the dinner might just seem less interesting.

Appreciate your partner
Appreciating your partner can be among the most effective love making tips. This can help you not only enjoy some steamy love making sessions but can also ensure that you connect with your partner on a deeper level. Men and women like being appreciated. As a woman grows older the changes in her body and the pressure to always look good can make her feel insecure about her appearance. Appreciation from her guy about her looks and about the way she takes care of the house and the kids can help her feel good about herself. If the man can manage to extend the appreciation beyond the bedroom in the form of flowers and love notes then it can just deepen the love and emotions between the couple. Men also want to be appreciated for their hard work and doing that can help you reconnect with your partner and you might just be able to find the spark again.

Change can sometimes act as a catalyst in improving the relationship. If you have always made love on the bed then perhaps you can try something new. You could make love in some other room. If you have always made love at night, this time round you could try making love in the afternoon. Just remember to talk things out before you try something drastically different. Sex is supposed to be fun so just take care that it does not seem uncomfortable or humiliating for either of the partners.

Important Sex Tips
  • Sex should be relaxing and a way to reconnect with your partner, so take your time while making love. Let it not be a 10 minute affair all the time. Let humor be a part of your love life as well. The key to a fulfilling sex life is to enjoy each moment and each other.
  • The importance of foreplay really cannot be stressed enough. This is one of the most crucial love making tips for men. Many men have been guilty of rushing into things. It is important for men to realize that women take much longer to get aroused and better and longer foreplay can allow the woman to enjoy the act just as much. If you perfect the art of foreplay then she might just not refuse your advances the next time round. Also since women can have multiple orga*** you can extend your love making sessions by giving her a few orga*** and then moving on to the actual physical act.
  • Some of the most erogenous zones in a woman include her neck, the ear lobes, nipples, belly button and the famed G spot. You can have your lady asking for more by kissing and nibbling on her neck and ear lobes. While you are at it you can also sensuously massage her back and shoulders. Kiss her back and neck and her shoulder area as well. Women love it when their nipples and breasts are stimulated by hands and tongue. Don’t forget to pay attention to her breasts and you will have her moaning in no time. Belly button is another area that should be stimulated as should her thighs and calves. The G spot has achieved fame and notoriety of mythic proportions, so if you are successful in locating and stimulating this tender area then you might just end up having a night of love making like none other. This tiny area is shaped like a 2 pence coin and is located on the vag*** roof on the side close to the stomach. It can be found around 4 inches in the vag***.  Be gentle in stimulating this area.
  • Finally guys don’t just fall asleep after a love making session. It’s really not much fun for the woman and she might just end up feeling used. Instead you can just cuddle up to her for a few minutes and tell her that you love her. And girls don’t deny your men sexual pleasure just because you have had a fight. Instead you can work out your issues in bed and who knows you might just end up having some explosive intimate session. Just be safe and have fun.
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