How to Dress for Prom Night

Is the thought of your upcoming Prom Night giving you panic attacks? Are you completely clueless about what you are supposed to wear for this special event? With some simple tips you can choose a beautiful dress and make this a memorable event in your life.
| Saturday, September 27, 2008

Prom or Promenade as it is otherwise known is the traditional dance and celebration event held at the end of junior or senior year of high school. Prom is an extremely special occasion for most young girls since this is the night where they can stand out in fabulously designed clothes looking extremely beautiful and glamorous. Unfortunately for many girls this night does not end on a high note and some of the bitterest memories are associated with the Prom night. This is perhaps because a lot of girls are quite clueless about what they should wear for the Prom night. However with a little guidance you can end up being the talk of the Prom night and for all the right reasons.

The dress for this special occasion should not be semi formal or too casual. For boys it is always advisable to wear a formal suit with a beautiful tie and this can be teamed up with a vest. A black suit can look good on the boys. For the girls shopping for a prom dress can be quite exciting and the girls can easily pick up a dress of their choice. It is quite difficult for a girl to completely stand out since there are a large number of different and uniquely beautiful prom dresses worn on this night. Therefore it’s always advisable for the girls to shop for something that will suit their body type and skin tone rather than picking something up just for its unique color or style. Every body type has certain flaws and some assets. While selecting a Prom dress it is best to remember to choose one that flaunts the assets and hides the flaws.

  • An A-line style Prom dress will look gorgeous where girls want to show off some curves and look bit more voluptuous. This style will look particularly good for girls that are quite tall and slender. Sheath and Empire style or Ball gowns can also work for the girls with this body type. For skinny frames it is best to avoid wearing halter style Prom dresses or anything that is strapless since they might make you look even skinnier. Empire style dress can help in accentuating the chest area. Different patterns in the dress can also help in adding to your body shape. Ladies with long legs can have a slit in the gown.
  • For girls that are short and petite wearing A-line, Empire style or Sheath style can work well. Sheaths and A-lines can add length to your frame. A dress that has a short hemline and that helps you show some leg can help you look taller. You can look at different hemlines to find one that suits you.
  • For girls that have a heavy frame irrespective of their height; empire, A-line or Ball gowns can look good on them. A ball gown can help hide a fuller bottom area. An A-line dress that will flow around the lower body will also look good. Corset style gowns or a fitted bodice can highlight the torso.
  • For girls that have natural curves, a ball gown in full skirted style or an A-line that will draw attention to the upper body would be wonderful. Ensure that the dress whether plain or with embellishments accentuate the body in all the right places. V necks or any super fitted styles that cast downward attention should be avoided.
  • Where girls have larger bottoms, thighs and hips and a pear shaped body structure they should wear dresses that have a loose flow and enhance the bodice. A strapless bodice can look good. Strapless bustier or halter style with a round neckline can look good.
  • Girls with noticeable tummy areas can choose empire waist gowns as these can give you a slimmer look. A corset style bodice will help in accentuating the bust region and help in getting a slimming effect. A high waist style can also take attention away from the undesired tummy region.
  • Girls with larger frames and a toned body should opt for empires gowns as these can define the figure as a whole. A fitting bodice and full skirt or a ball gown can give you a naturally feminine look. For girls with broad shoulders wearing a narrow bodice and a halter or strapless style can look beautiful.
  • Girls that are big busted can use corset bodice for support and a select an A-line or then a beautiful ball gown. It’s best not to show too much cleavage. A dress with a detailed hemline can take the attention away from the chest region. Halters can be adjusted and therefore are also a good option. For girls that are small busted, detailing on the bodice can help enhance the bust line. An A-line dress or a ball gown will look beautiful. Embellishments such as bead work, embroidery can help the chest region seem fuller.

Team up your selected dress for the Prom night with beautiful and suitably selected jewelry. You can always choose from stunning stud jewelry pieces, charm bracelets and funky beaded pieces that go well with the dress. Pick up some beautiful shoes that will give you a well coordinated look. Shoes with metallic heels that match well with the metal of the selected jewelry pieces also look beautiful. Carry a suitable purse with essentials in it and you are all set to enjoy one of the most memorable nights of your life.

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