How to Dress for an Interview

If you have an interview and are unsure of how to dress, this article is just for you!
| Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Are you looking for information on how to dress for an interview? Do not worry because your search ends here! Dressing well for an interview is important since it not only shows that you are a thorough professional but, also shows the person taking the interview that you respect his/her values, expectations and taste in regards to personal manner and dress.

Interview Dressing Tips For Women

  • While going for an interview it is advisable to wear a conservative business suit. When selecting a suit, do ensure that it fits well and reflects a professional image. If you are buying a skirt and are unsure about the length, ask the salesperson for assistance.
  • Avoid wearing very bright colors to an interview. Stick to grays, blues and pastel shades.
  • When you select a blouse for the suit, pick one that is not too revealing, too high around the neck or has too many ruffles and frills. Most suit colors go well with white or off-white colors!
  • Remember to wear stockings that are flesh-toned or very similar to that. Do not wear colored and patterned stockings to an interview.
  • While selecting the shoes you plan to wear for the interview, choose a pair that is sensible. Avoid high heels and open toes.

Interview Dressing Tips For Men

  • Even for men it is advisable to wear a conservative business suit for an interview. Choose one that is well-tailored, i.e. a suit in which the coat sleeve and trouser length is neither too long nor too short. It is important and right to invest in a fitted coat suit; this is a small investment which will take you a long way!
  • Choose a suit in darker shades and hues like blues, grays and black. You can buy one that has pin stripes and plaids but as long as they are subtle. Remember to stay away from colors like greens and browns.
  • Pick a shirt that is white or off-white in color. You can go in for an occasional pastel shade if you like, but as long as it is not flashy and retains the conservative look of the suit.
  • Get yourself a necktie that blends well with the suit. You can opt for one that is deep red, maroon, blue, gray or navy in color. Patterns are also acceptable as long as they are subtle and uniform. The width of the necktie should be about the same as your coat lapels.
  • While selecting the pair of shoes you plan to wear for the interview do ensure that they are laced and properly shined, if they are not new. Also remember to wear socks that complement the rest of your outfit. Match you leather belt to the color of your shoes.

Interview Grooming Tips

  • When going for an interview, men who wear moustaches and beards should trim their facial hair. Women should opt for a hairstyle that is simple and not wild and brash. Hands should be clean and fingernails neatly trimmed. Women should wear makeup moderately.
  • Wear only jewelry that is essential. Women especially should avoid wearing giant earrings and too many rings!
  • If you have tattoos, remember to cover them!
  • Wear a cologne or perfume that is not too overbearing.
  • Avoid taking your phone into the interview room. If you do, remember to switch it off during the interview.
  • Get all you clothes, shoes and other things ready the night before so that you have plenty of time on the day of the interview.
  • If you are unsure about the venue, phone the reception and ask for directions the day before, this way you don't get late for your interview. Remember to always get there with some time to spare.

All said and done, I hope you know how to dress for success now. I would also like to this chance to wish you all the best for the interview. I hope you get the job that you have always wished for!

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