How to Dress for a Wedding

You might not be the one walking down the aisle but that doesn't mean you can turn up for a wedding looking like a fashion disaster. With some guidance you can be a complete head turner. Read on to learn how to dress for a wedding.
| Friday, September 26, 2008

It's the wedding season and you have received another one of those wedding invitations. You are over the moon that your friend is getting married but the only problem is that you are known in the wedding circles more for your fashion faux pas than anything else. That you are completely clueless about the dress to be worn at such events isn't really comforting.

Most people don't really know how to dress for a wedding. Usually the wedding invitation itself will let you know whether it is a formal, semi formal or a casual event and with a little bit of guidance on how to pick a wedding dress you can very well be on your way to impressing the other guests.

Summer or Winter Weddings

When the wedding is in summer it is advisable to avoid all dark colors and of course black. It is also best to stay away from the heavy fabrics including wool since those are best suited for the winter and fall season. A light colored suit would look beautiful. Use fabrics such as cotton or linen.

For winter weddings, fabrics such as wool can be safely worn for weddings in winter. Suits or blazers teamed up with trousers in dark colors would look quite stylish.  

Daytime Weddings

For a daytime wedding the lady can safely wear a beautiful floral dress. A beautiful skirt teamed up with a nice shirt or sweater can also work wonderfully well. While wearing a suit always go in for light colors and stay away from formal colors like black or navy. You can also wear a lovely hat that goes well with the outfit as a whole. Sequins and black don't look good during the day and so they are best avoided.

Men can choose to wear light colored suits. For winter weddings men can wear blazers and team them up with charcoal pants. Another option would be to wear a sweater and a smart tie underneath the blazer. Where the invitation specifically mentions the wedding to be a formal event the men would be well advised to wear dark colored suits and tuxedos where the event is slated to take place after 6 pm.

Evening Weddings

For an evening wedding the women can wear a stylish and sophisticated cocktail dress. Try not to wear anything too sexy since you wouldn't want to attract the bride's ire by trying to compete with her.

Darker colors would look beautiful for an evening wedding and avoid wearing beads or anything with sequins where the event is not a black tie one. For men a dark suit would look good for an evening wedding.

Formal Events

Where the wedding invitation mentions a "Black Tie" event, it is in the best interest for you as a guest to inquire whether it would truly be an extremely formal affair. In case it is a completely formal event wearing a tea length dress (one that is around mid calf) or one that hovers just over your sandals is a good choice. For a Black tie event women can also safely wear a cocktail dress that touches the floor. Do try and ensure that the dress is not too constricting when it is time to dance. Women can also wear fancy wraps and show it off with beaded purses and exquisite formal jewelry. Men can dress as formally as they want where the event is a Black tie one. With a tuxedo men can wear collarless white shirt or an elegant black shirt.

Semi formal Events

For semi formal events you can quite easily wear fancy fabrics with embellishments like beads or lace. A dress that would be knee length would be perfect for semi formal events. The dress should not be too short and anything longer than tea length won't go down well with the event. A delicate and simple diamond necklace would work wonderfully well as would color beads. In case you have fabulously toned arms and a wonderful tan then you can always show off with some beautiful strapless, spaghetti strap or halter tops. Avoid wearing anything too revealing particularly where the wedding includes elaborate religious ceremony. Carry a suitable wrap wherever necessary. A beautiful top and skirt can also work just as well and if you team it up with some gorgeously simple jewelry then you will surely be a head turner.

Casual Events

Many weddings are solemnized on beaches and unlike formal events one can play around with attire where the event is casual. A dress or a beautiful skirt that suits the location and theme can be worn. Bright colors and floral prints can be easily worn in a casual setting. Avoid wearing anything in fancy or snazzy fabrics. You can easily wear low sandals or simple flip flops with your skirt or dress. The attire should not be something too casual such as cargo pants or jeans. The fabrics and colors should not be too wild.

As a general rule don't try to dress too flashily and don't wear anything in white since that would be the chosen color of the bride and you wouldn't want to make the bride angry on her special day. Finally balance your complete look with appropriate make up and you are all set to dazzle the guests and who knows you might just find your soul mate in the crowd.

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