Grooming for Cats and Dogs

Pets need a lot of warmth and attention. Here is some information about how you can take care of your cat or dog.
| Saturday, September 13, 2008

Pets have always been known and loved for their wonderful companionship. There is something infinitely tender and beautiful about the way pets are capable of giving unconditional love and affection to those around them. It is however equally important to realize that they need plenty of love and caring attention. Caring for pets is important for their well being and it also aids in keeping your house clean and free from allergies. Irrespective of whether you own a cat or a dog, grooming can be a wonderful time to connect with your pet and look after its health. Grooming for cats and dogs can become an easy job if you follow some simple tips.

Cat Grooming

  • Cats seem to have this peculiar habit of licking themselves. Even though they seem quite fanatical about cleaning themselves up, they do need regular brushing. Regular combing and brushing can help remove any loose hair and thereby prevent matting. This helps keep the cat’s skin free from diseases and other problems such as parasites, including fleas. Regular brushing is important because it helps in natural distribution of oils, stimulation of skin and thereby ensures that the cat has a healthy and shiny coat.
  • A regular grooming activity once in a week is enough to look after the cat. Cat grooming becomes slightly problematic where the cat is long haired. For long haired cats grooming should be done several times in a week. While grooming, it is important to carefully look for fleas, skin irritations, sore spots, lumps, ticks and other problems.
  • Tangles or knots can be removed by combing gently in direction of hair growth. Gently pull apart any knots or carefully trim them with scissors. Wide-toothed combs can be effectively used for longhaired cats, and for shorter coats fine-toothed combs can be used. Flea combs are effective in picking up fleas and also flea dirt. Some special rubber devices are also available and these can be used effectively in skin massaging.
  • Trimming the nails is an important activity in cat grooming. Special nail scissors for cats are available or then trimmers can also be used. The paw should be gently squeezed so as to allow the nails to protrude and the tip should be cut taking care that it is not cut too short. If a vein is cut along with the nail then it can cause much pain to the animal.
  • Bathing is important and can help in controlling tangling and matting problems, particularly in long haired cats. A number of medicated shampoos for cats are available in the market and these can be effectively used in bathing.

Dog Grooming

  • The dog grooming activity should also be done once in a week. Long haired dogs need daily grooming while short haired dogs may need one session in a week. Take your time in brushing and combing the dog's hair and ensure that the dog is comfortable and relaxed.
  • Silky coats need fine toothed combs, normal coats need medium toothed combs and heavy or thick coats need wide toothed combs.
  • While brushing the coat it should be done in the direction of the hair growth. Brushing should be started from the head working through towards the tail and then down the legs.
  • Flea combs should be used in dog grooming since they help in removing parasites and are ideal in combing the hair around the eye area. In larger dogs the dead undercoat hair can be removed using rakes.
  • For dogs having long silky hair, pin brushes are ideal as they prevent skin damage. For dogs with long coats bristle brushes are good.
  • Dog’s nails can be trimmed using specially designed nail clippers for dogs. Each nail should be clipped stopping short of the blood vessels.
  • Bathing of the dog can be done using shampoos specially formulated for dogs.

In addition removing wax and dirt build up in ears is an important part of cat and dog grooming too. This can be done by using cotton swabs and a 50-50 mixture of water and hydrogen peroxide. Care should be taken while cleaning the ears so as to prevent any injury. Medicated ear cleaning solutions are also available and these can be used. To resolve other problems such as bad breath and stomach problems in cats and dogs, regular check ups by the veterinary doctor is needed. With these simple grooming tips caring for your precious animals can be a fun activity and a rare bonding experience.

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