Famous People in Political Science

Political science includes the lessons and practice of politics, political schemes as well as government configuration. Political science lays a great emphasis on public administration, political institutions and attainment of power. This field has witnessed many influential leaders such as Karl Rove, Barack Obama and like.
| Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Politics originates from the Greek word 'Polis' which implies society and 'Poli' which implies lots of. Politics can be described as the regulations, policies and practices of an assembly which takes decisions and forms laws.

The precedent 2000 years has established the philosopher Aristotle's famed statement that 'Man is a political animal'.

Political science is a much admired subject in various schools and universities worldwide and has been studied by some of the world's most famous people.

People come and go however renowned people are not many and their accomplishments or collapses remain with us. History reveals that there have been numerous famous people in all spheres of work and life and these people have affected our lives in some mode for better or for worse. Though concise, here are some famous people's details that have influenced the world with their actions and thoughts.

Famous People in Political Science

Karl Rove

He is frequently explained as the engineer of Bush's victory. He was the ex-consultant to President George W. Bush. His intellectual political tactics led to the triumph for the Bush government. Through his college years, he was unsuccessful to complete his graduation at the University of Utah, but moved forward to become character of the most esteemed political scientist around the world.

Henry Kissinger

Past national security consultant for Nixon's government, Kissinger was recognized for his astute and sharp policies through which he survived the notorious Watergate scandal that declined the complete Nixon administration. He is recognized with the triumphant conclusion of the Vietnam War while serving under the Ford admin.

Dr. Condoleezza Rice

She is one of the most renowned political characters who studied political science. She even trained political science at the Stanford University in California. She is the US secretary of state in the Bush administration and was a national security advisor.

Barack Obama

President elect Barack Obama is the current and 45th President of the United States of America, he was also the 44th - being consecutively elected by the people of America. He graduated in Political Science from the University of Columbia. He also studied law at the Harvard Law School. 

Niccolo Machiavelli

He is one of the most well-known Italian political scientists worldwide. He inscribed "The Prince". The subject of the book was all about obtaining and preserving political power.

Political science is the study of administrations, public strategies and political procedures, structure, and political conduct.  Political science subfields comprise of political ideology, political theory, political economy, political philosophy, policy studies and investigation, relative politics, global relations, etc.

Taking inspirations from these great leaders, today, political science students can achieve a handy set of skills that can be functional in a broad array of stimulating careers in federal, state and local governments, law, trade, international associations, nonprofit organizations, campaign organization and polling; pre-collegiate education, journalism, research, electoral politics and university and college teaching.  

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