Different Types of Apples

Apples not only taste wonderful but are also extremely nutritious. The properties of this wonder fruit help in preventing grave problems like heart diseases and even cancers. The article that follows will briefly explain the different types of apples.
| Monday, January 05, 2009
An old maxim says "An apple a day keeps the doctor away" and it is indeed true. Apple is a fruit rich in Vitamin C and this can help in reducing tooth decay. It also protects the brain cells and reduces cholesterol. Apple has not only been advocated for good health but has also been the symbol of temptation in the biblical story of Adam and Eve. Apples have also played an important role in Greek mythology. In ancient times apples were served primarily as a desert form. Doctors advise people to eat apples since they also aid digestion. It was also the falling apple that allowed the discovery of the law of gravity. There are a large variety of apples available in the market and some of the popular varieties and types of apples include:

Braeburn Apples
Braeburn Apples are orange to red in color and have a slight yellow tinge. The Braeburn apple can be an excellent snack food and can also be used in preparation of salads, pies and in baking and freezing. These types of apples are available between the months of October and July.

Cameo Apples
The cameo apple has a red skin and the skin is covered with white spots. This apple is also a popular snack item and is often used in salads, pies, different kinds of sauces and is particularly good for freezing. The Cameo apple is harvested between September and October and consumers can enjoy these apples between the period of October to August.

Cortland Apples
These types of apples are sweet red apples on top of a greenish yellow background. This apple has a hint of tartness. This apple is good for snacking, pies, salads, sauces, baking and freezing. This apple is available from September to April.

Empire Apples
The empire apple is a green and red colored apple that has a particularly sweet/tart taste. This apple is used in salads and can make excellent pies as well as a snacking item. The Empire apple is available throughout the year.

Fuji Apples
The Fuji apple is a sweet apple and is reddish pink in color. As the name suggests this apple was introduced in America from Japan. This apple is good for snacking and salads as well as pies and sauces but it is not a good variety of apple for freezing. This apple is available in the period October to August.

Gala Apples
The Gala apple has a yellow background covered with pinkish stripes and is a sweet tasting apple. This variety of apple is also excellent for pies and snacking but is not a good freezing apple. This variety of apple is a cross between Golden Delicious apples and Kidd’s orange red which is a variety from New Zealand. This apple is available from the period of September to May.

Ginger Gold Apples
This unique apple is an early season apple and is yellow in color and also has a sweet and mildly tart flavor. This apple can make excellent pies and can be used in sauces and baking but is not good for freezing. This apple is available in the market from August to November.

Golden Delicious Apples
This type of apple like the Ginger Gold apple is yellow but has a sweet taste. This apple is available through the year. These apples are not related to the Red Delicious variety of apples even though they are also named by the same company. The skin of these apples is thin and sweeter and the texture of these applea is juicy. This apple is also rounder as compared to the Red Delicious variety. The unique flavour of this apple can be tasted when it is baked.

Honeycrisp Apples
The Honeyscrisp apple is one of the relatively new varieties or types of apples. It made its entrance in the retail world in 1991. As the name suggests this apple has a sweet crisp flavor and is a favorite snacking item and can also be used for salads, sauces and also freezing. The Honeycrisp variety of apples can also be used in baking though they are not suited for preparation of pies.

Red Delicious Apples
The signature of the apple growing industry in the US is the Red Delicious variety of apples. As the name suggests this variety of apples are deep red in color and are rather tall and thin as against some other round varieties. This is the most popular snacking apple that is often sold in all supermarkets. It has a sweet tart taste and the strong flavor is found in the thick and bitter skin of this variety. This apple tastes wonderful when it is eaten raw but it is not the right apple for baking.

Granny Smith Apples
The Granny Smith apples were the first green apples to be seen in the American market. These apples are rather mild flavored with a good balance of sweet and tart taste and are also durable. They can be stored for as long as half a year without problems. It tastes well in sauces though it is not as good for raw eating.

Winesap Apples
These apples are tart and have a distinctive flavor like that of a wine. Not many people like to eat these apples raw because of their strong flavor. These apples are smaller than most apples available in the market and these are not found in typical grocery stores.

McIntosh Apples
McIntosh apples were so named because they were developed by John McIntosh, a farmer from Ontario in Canada. These were developed in 1870 and is one of the most popular and top selling varieties of apples in North America. These apples are cross bred with others to produce varieties such as Empire, Cortland and Spartan.

Rome Apples
These apples are also called as Rome beauty and originate in Rome in Ohio. These apples are round and plump and taste lightly crisp with a tart flavor. These apples have thick skin and while they are not a favorite for snacking they can be used in cider making as well as for baking.

Gravenstein Apples
These apples were first grown in America as far back as the 1700s. These apples are round with a reddish green color and the skin is thick and has a lot of juice content in it. The taste of these apples is tartly acidic and the flavor is strong with a hint of sweetness. The taste of this variety of apple is like white wine and these apples can be used in baking with excellent results. These are considered an antique variety of apples.
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