Different Types and Species of Birds

Birds are one of God's most unique creations. The beauty that lies in every species of bird is unmatched. Read on to know the different varieties and species of birds found around the world.
| Monday, November 22, 2010
Bird watching and collecting information on different kinds of birds can be an interesting hobby. It is indeed hard to understand how these creatures make a living, protect themselves from predators and amaze us with their distinctive sounds and behaviors. Listed below are some types and species of birds to catch your interest towards bird watching:

Humming Birds 

These are the much looked for by bird watchers because of their eye-catching varieties. One would in fact find it tough to describe the beauty of humming birds with the right words! The humming bird species exhibit an array of colors and sizes. They are highly impulsive and energetic in nature. They have a unique trait of flying backwards. They make a humming noise continuously and hence named as ‘humming birds’.

The names of the birds are exceptional as well like sunangels, comets, fairies, starfrontlets, brilliants, woodstars, Sicklebill, mountain-gems etc. The tropical ones are identified by their color and shape of their beaks.

Exotic Birds

These are the most adorable pets in the bird family. This category of birds like the parrot, are very social and respond to their owners with sounds or whistles. One needs to provide proper space to these birds if they are to be caged. The canaries and the finches require larger cages. Smaller birds like the Budgies (light green parakeets with black and yellow marks), Cockatiels (grey parrots with a yellow crested head) or Lovebirds are a popular choice of pet birds. Although personally speaking, one should never cage these beautiful animals.

Tropical Birds

Tropical birds have a wide range of identity from their distinctive colors to the shapes of their beaks and patterns of tail feathers. Birds residing in tropical forests have traits that make them most suitable to the environment and the tropical climate. One can spot a variety of flightless birds on tropical islands like ostriches, rheas, emus, kiwis etc. these bird though vary by identity have common traits like large size and a high speeds that keep them safe from predators.

Australian Birds

Australia is one of the most renowned destinations to explore an incredible variety of birds. The breathtaking list of bird species is endless. Examples are as follows: wrens, robins, magpies, thornbills, honeyeaters, treecreepers, bowerbirds, plovers, swallows, sunbirds and some raptors etc. There are migrating species emerging from Asia and Eurasia. Australia is highly rated world over for its bird sanctuaries, bird-watcher organizations and NGOs for bird conservation.

Rainforest Birds

Rainforests are a shelter to many different varieties of birds and include the ones that can be domesticated (Parrots, Kingfishers, Macaws - long-tailed and brilliantly colored parrot, Pigeons, Finches and Hornbills) as well as the wild predators (Eagles, Vultures and Hawks). Birds migrate to different places in accordance to the climatic conditions of the rain forests.

Endangered Birds

Time is not far when the countless variety of birds would fall down to a few and it is all because of reasons like bird shooting, caging, destruction of natural habitats, afforestation etc. There are some classes of birds that have already become extinct (around 9000 species) and now some have reached the belt of endangered species. If not protected, these would be lost too. Here are a few names of birds that are tagged as endangered species: Whooping Crane, Mexican Spotted Owl, Marvelous Spatuletail, Puerto Rican Parrot, Ivory-billed Woodpecker, California Condor and the Wood Stork.

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