Different Colors and Their Meanings

Do you know every color has a certain meaning associated with it and that certain colors can actually change your mood for the better? Read on to learn about the different colors and their meanings.
| Saturday, October 18, 2008

Colors have been an integral part of our lives for a very long time and so perhaps we are not aware of the profound impact that colors can have on our emotions and our psyche. Different cultures have always had different meanings associated with these colors and that in turn has shaped our traditions and practices in many ways. In fact researchers and psychologists have also tried to understand the impact that colors can have on our life and our emotions so that these can perhaps be used as a way of therapy and enhancing the well being among people.

Over a period of time humans have been able to identify the different colors and their meanings. Here is a brief description of the meanings associated with different colors:

Black Color Meaning

Black has always been regarded as a powerful color and therefore has been associated with authority and power. In fact fashion experts often advise professionals to wear black since it is inordinately stylish and has a timeless elegance. Black however also signifies mystery and therefore has its association with the darker forces or negative forces and the unknown. A seemingly contrasting aspect of this color is that it also symbolizes submission in many ways and perhaps that is why it is worn by priests as a symbol of their complete submission towards God. People who wear black also carry an air of aloofness around them and therefore this color may also mean sophistication and an overpowering attitude. Black also evokes emotions of mystery and emptiness. Black also has a deep relationship with grief and loss.

White Color Meaning

White is a neutral color that has always been associated with purity, innocence and freshness. Perhaps this is why white is worn by brides as it symbolizes virginity and a new beginning. It also implies sterility and safety and is therefore worn by doctors for its association with healing. Houses also have white picket fences signifying safety. This color symbolizes fresh beginnings and is supposed to help in clear thinking and purification of thoughts.

Red Color Meaning

Red is an extremely intense color that immediately evokes passionate emotions. This color is associated with the heart and perhaps that is why it symbolizes matters of the heart or love, passion and desire. But since this color is so intense it also can mean danger and is therefore used in stop signs and lights. This color is recognized as a stimulant and immediately draws attention. This color is also associated with enthusiasm and energy and helps in increasing confidence. Pink which is a derivation of this color symbolizes romance and is considered tranquilizing.

Blue Color Meaning

Blue is among the most popular colors and can be seen generously in nature. Blue is associated with peace and tranquility. This color also symbolizes loyalty and is often painted in bedrooms as contact with it makes the human body produce chemicals that have a calming effect. Blue also signifies dependability and commitment along with trustworthiness. The expansiveness and constancy of this color can be seen from the fact that the sky and the ocean are both blue. It therefore symbolizes serenity and calmness and can evoke a feeling of resting among people. However blue is also sometimes associated with depressing and cold feelings. Electric or brilliant blue color is dramatic and has an exhilarating effect. Blue is a favorite among many people and is the least gender specific among all the colors. Blue can have a calming effect and is supposed to increase the quality of intuition among people.

Green Color Meaning

As soon as someone talks about green the one most common association that everyone can notice is that green is the symbol of nature. It therefore has relaxing qualities. Green also has the meaning of fertility and in many cultures brides wear green. The darker shade of green is considered rather masculine and signifies wealth and a conservative attitude. It also signifies tranquility and is regarded as a symbol of freshness since the greenery of nature is rather refreshing. Green also means peace and is a symbol of the ecosystem but green is also associated negatively with the feeling of jealousy. Green can be used for relaxation and harmony as well as to heal from depression, nervousness and other physical problems.

Yellow Color Meaning

Yellow is a color that easily attracts attention and is regarded as a positive color. However it can be rather overpowering and irritating. Yellow can enhance concentration and help increase the speed of the metabolism. It also symbolizes enlightenment, happiness and an optimistic attitude. It also signals towards a positive future and energy along with creativity. This color can stimulate the nervous system and aid in communication and creativity.

Orange Color Meaning

Orange which is a relative of red has a strong positive as well as a negative association. This color signifies warmth and a lot of energy and can stimulate activity and encourage socialization.

Purple Color Meaning

This color is often regarded as the color that signifies royalty and wealth. It also has a very large feminine appeal to it and is therefore closely associated with romance. It however seems artificial at times. This color signifies balance and mystical qualities. It can calm the mind and encourage creativity.

Brown Color Meaning

Brown can be seen everywhere in the form of the ground and is an earthy color thereby implying qualities of dependability. It also symbolizes sadness and wistfulness. Brown can bring about a feeling of connection with everything organic and has a sense of orderliness and stability around it.

Gray Color Meaning

Gray is the color that is most associated with depression of loss.

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