Boating Safety Tips

Boating is a nice way to enjoy ourselves, get relaxed and gladden our kids. So, whether you do boating for fun or for some serious romance, keep in mind about the safety issues that creep along. This article would try to highlight some safety tips to help you avoid boating accidents and injuries and to help you to make your boating experience a memorable and enjoyable one.
| Tuesday, January 27, 2009
Checklist of things you need to carry when you are out for boating:
  1. First Aid Kit
  2. Life Jackets
  3. A Small Toolkit
  4. Radio Equipment
  5. Maps, Flares, Lightning Flashes (or Torches)
Some safety tips to know before you head boating:

Pre-Boating Tips
Make sure that you check the boat thoroughly before opting to go boating. Check the condition of the boat, the equipment that comes along and also check whether the boat carries some kind of radio equipment. Also make sure that you notify someone where you are going and when you are due to return. Finally check the weather before beginning your boating trip.

No Alcohol Consumption
Ensure that you don't consume alcohol before or after a boating expedition; at least try to keep it moderate if you can't help. Too much alcohol would mean that you would be fatigued easily as the sun would also play a part to exhaust you. This would mean that in case there are problems with weather or other boating accidents, you would find it hard to cope up.

Learn to Swim
Don't know swimming? I personally would recommend that you better learn swimming before deciding to go boating. Your ability to swim would be a great life saver for you or your near and dear ones.

Check Local Regulations
Always check and study the local regulations of your landing destinations (if any). This would ensure that you don't land in some kind of trouble with local authorities.

Boat Fueling (or Refueling)
When you are fuelling, do stay close by and monitor that everything goes by smoothly and that there are no fumes to smell. Always ventilate the surroundings after fueling.

Learn Anchoring and Boat Guiding Basics
Do take time to learn and understand some basic anchoring procedures for your boat. If you are the one in command, this would ensure that you stay safe from accidents.

Watch that Edge
Keep a close watch on everyone who is onboard. Ensure their safety by warning them to keep off the edges as someone might have a fall. Also ask kids not to put their hands or legs in water as there might be a danger of sea animals lurking around (like jellyfishes).
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